The Spider Monster

The Spider Monster

For one of the very first Frontier Airsoft games, around five years ago, they did a story where a mad scientist made human-spider hybrids. I made the Spider Monster costume and only intended it to be used for one game, with the intention that it would be replaced at some point in the future.


The body is a scratch-built full body one-piece jumpsuit. The ridges and features are made from newspaper rolled up, covered in fabric and then glued into place using hot-melt glue. The whole thing is made from white fabric, then painted with acrylic washes to build up the dark exoskeleton flesh tones and mottling. The body and head are also covered in little hairs, which I made by cutting the bristles off a broom and gluing them on individually.

The head is made from cardboard and paper mache, then covered with fabric glued into place. The eyes are mesh and the whole thing is painted in the same way as the body. The hands are similarly made gloves, and the boot sections are the same. Basically, very simply made, and the first full body costume I ever did. Amazingly, five years later, this costume is still in use and although it’s been periodically repaired, it’s still going strong, although it’s only used now in one game a year.

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