Super Battle Suit

Super Battle Suit

The Power Armour was another very early costume for one of the very first Frontier Airsoft games over five years ago. the story called for a final showdown against a ‘Super Battle Suit’.

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Since this was another early one, budget was crazily limited, so  opted for the cheapest and simplest material. Cardboard. The whole thing is made from cardboard and glues together with hot melt glue. It’s then covered in what I call Fabric-mache, basically cheap fabric pasted over the cardboard with PVA glue. When it dries it forms a very tough, slightly flexible, shell. The rivets on the chest are simply thumb tacks (drawing pins) and the decals are printed off on a normal printer and cut out. The parts are attached together with webbing strapping. This was then painted and sealed with varnish.

It’s a pretty simple look, especially compared to more modern armour suits and costumes, the intention for this one was that it was a very rough prototype (similar to Iron Man MK1 armour) made by a research division, and in subsequent games the suit would be upgraded, repainted in camo and ultimately replaced by a more streamlined and futuristic version. Although this storyline didn’t happen and was replaced by other ones, the suit is occasionally still used.

The Power fist on the right hand has an airsoft gun built in, which was triggered by an internal button. There’s also PC fans powered by batteries built into the chest, neck and helmet since the Spider Suit was incredibly hot, which added quite a cool mechanical buzzing to the suit.

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