Personal Heroes – MYTHBUSTERS

I’ve been a fan of Mythbusters¬†since it started airing here in the UK, I’m not sure when that was compared to the US version (I know we have a difference voice-over guy here in the UK, so they obviously need time to re-record all that stuff), but it feels like it’s always been on TV!

I can’t really write anything that’s not already been said about Adam and Jamie, so I won’t write much. Just to say that they inspired me to not only further embrace science and engineering but also to question things that I’d taken for granted for a long time, looking for evidence and asking “… but why and how does it do that?” rather than just accepting common wisdom.

I’ve continued to follow Adam on Tested, and he in particular is one of my personal heroes, although for this post I wanted to acknowledge the Mythbusters as a team. Although I really enjoyed watching Kari, Grant and Tory too, to me Adam and Jamie are the original and the best.

Remember – Failure is always an option!