NOSTROMO Crew Jacket Lettering 2017 version

NOSTROMO Crew Jacket Lettering 2017 version

I’ve had a few emails about this over the last couple of months, so I thought it was time to do an update.

In my previous post where I made my own jacket I used a 3D printed stencil for the NOSTROMO lettering, which did produce quite good results, but it was pretty hard work. After I stopped selling my jackets someone asked me to do just the lettering on one of his, which I was happy to do. He sent me a “Stencil Kit” that he’d bought from somewhere.

Sadly, I never found out where it came from, I think it’s from the RPF somewhere, and if anyone reading this knows who made this kit and the instructions, please contact me so I can give them full credit and appropriate links. Until then, please be aware that I’m not taking any credit for this, I’m just making this available because a few people have said they can’t find the stencil or these instructions on the RPF.  EDIT: I’ve been told that the original stencil may have come from Mike Rush, and the instructions may have come from a combination of these two posts: by 2011 Jonno and  division 6.

Download link to the EPS vector file and Instructions

The PDF link is a scan of the set of instructions that came with the stencil. It got a bit smudged so I’ve written in the missing bits! I just followed those instructions and it came out as you see below.

The other link is a zipped EPS vector file that I made of the NOSTROMO lettering based on the photos of Kane’s screen-worn jacket that was posted in the RPF a while back. I’ve included the photo in the .zip that has the measuring tape over it so you can check the sizing – I’ve no way to be sure this is actually Kane’s jacket, but it looks extremely authentic from the photos, including the stains and marks so I’ve no reason to doubt the scaling.

You can take this EPS file to any sign makers (or anyone with a vinyl cutter) and they’ll be able to cut it for you. NOTE: My EPS file is slightly different to the size of the stencil that came with the instructions, it’s a little bit smaller. So discuss with whoever is cutting your vinyl which you prefer.

As you can see, it comes out really nicely and it’s a lot easier to get a good result that with my previous 3D printed version.

I used acrylic paints, they work fine, to my knowledge they are basically the same stuff as fabric paints anyway.

Please feel free to share my EPS file with anyone, I can’t give permission for the instructions directly since it’s not mine.

Happy making!