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We love X-wing here, so much so we've made new missions

NEW! X-Wing Missions

Rogue Squadron on patrol!

Updated 13-3-15: Added new missions and the mission descriptions to this page.

I’ve been working on some new missions for the X-wing miniatures game to play with my friends and I’ve decided to share them with anyone who wants to play.

I hope they will be fun, most are untested at this point. Mission 4 is a two-part mission with alternate outcomes specifically written for the Scum faction since they didn’t get a mission in the expansion.


Download it here (PDF format 3.1mb) links to the file on dropbox.


I’ve formatted it to be as much like the original book & missions as possible!

Here’s the mission text from each:

Mission 1: Medical Transport (Reb vs. Imp)

After the evacuation of Hoth the Rebellion is sorely in need of medical supplies to continue the fight. A small squad has infiltrated an Imperial Medical shuttle headed for a nearby garrison moon and have been able to take over the bridge, but not before the captain got off a transmission and locked down the hyperdrive controls to the engine room, Imperial reinforcements are on the way and the Rebel operatives still have to fight through the engine room and get the hyperdrive online to make their escape. A small force of Rebel ships arrive to protect the drifting transport just as an Imperial patrol from the garrison responds to the distress call and closes in from all sides…

Mission 2: The Kessel Run (Reb vs. Imp)

Han Solo is on a tight deadline and he’s been unlucky enough to have been spotted by a local Imperial customs patrol, his shipment must get to Jabba on time, but imperials are already closing in demanding that he stop for inspection! The shortest distance from Kessel to Hutt space is though a narrow gravity-passageway between several closely packed black holes in the region of space known as The Maw. Han is desperate enough to try to plot a jump through the passageway. If successful he’ll shave parsecs off the distance travelled and bypass the increasing number of Imperial patrols, but no-one has ever done it before and lived to tell the tale…

Mission 3: Bantha Bait (Reb Vs. Imp)

The Rebel leader General Dodonna has formulated a plan to send a small assault force to destroy a TIE Fighter production facility location in the Katan system. For this assault to succeed he has called for diversionary attacks to draw away Imperial forces, allowing the assault force to land and sabotage the facilities main reactor. Imperial agents have intercepted these plans, and laid a trap. Instead of the fresh Academy Pilots the diversionary Rebel force was expecting, the Star destroyer Invincible has arrived with battle-hardened elite pilots…

Mission 4: Hole in the Patrol (Scum vs. Imp)

The Imperial defector Crix Madine took with him detailed information on the disposition of Imperial forces in the Dentaal system when he joined the Rebellion. Black Sun’s Prince Xizor has received word that a potent bio-weapon, the Candorian Plague, is being stored in an orbital facility above Dentaal and has already secured several buyers for this valuable commodity. Commander Karris of the Imperial garrison in Dentall is re-deploying his forces to make any stolen tactical information useless to the Rebellion. This is causing some chaos in the system and has allowed the Black Sun to infiltrate the outer defence perimeter with a sizable squadron of ships…

Mission 4a: Xizor’s Score (Scum vs. Imp – play if Scum won mission 4)

With the inner perimeter breached, the orbital storage facility does not detect the approaching Black Sun fleet until it’s too late. Commander Karris scrambles all available pilots to the defence of the facility but due to the chaos response times as painfully slow. The Black Sun concentrates on landing boarding parties on the facility to help load the Candorian Plague storage canisters onto space-worthy freight containers. These are then jettisoned from airlocks to be scooped up by Black Sun smugglers who are expert and such precise flying…

Mission 4b: The Karris Gambit (Scum vs. Imp – play if Empire won mission 4)

With the Black Sun fleet detected and pinned down between the inner and outer perimeter, Commander Karris decides to take the initiative and rapidly assembles a strike-force to destroy the pirates and hopefully gain a promotion in the process. If Karris fails to capture Xizor he will surely be reprimanded for leaving the facility virtually undefended. Anticipating an attack, Xizor orders his ships to fall back into a micro-nebula, hoping that his diverse ships will fare better against the effects of the nebula and just maybe give him a fighting chance of escaping alive. The plan works better than expected and the Black Sun fleet are able to ambush the Imperial forces for a fast first strike…

Mission 5: Alderaan’s Ghost (Scum vs. Reb vs. Imp)

The remains of Alderaan have spread out and cooled into a dense asteroid field. As well as the mineral wealth now exposed in the trillions of asteroids of all sizes, there is also debris from thousands of ships that were in orbit or attempting to flee in the moments before the Death Star fired. The Rebel frigate Bel Abroth, pursued by the Star Destroyer Intimidator, has limped into the dense asteroid field hoping to evade the Imperials long enough to make repairs. With some distaste for looting the site of an atrocity, Rebel Captain Ku-Olong orders scout patrols to be on the lookout for anything that might help speed up repairs. A Rebel patrol has picked up some weak signals nearby and set off to investigate, they find a group of scavengers marking what looks like valuable resources for collection. At that moment an Imperial scout wing appears from behind one of the larger asteroids….

Mission 6: No Disintegrations (Scum vs. Reb. Vs Imp)
Created by William Newman

The Dark Lord has heard rumours of a hot-shot Rebel pilot, suspecting force-sensitivity, Vader sends a special task-force to capture the pilot alive as a gift for the Emperor. The Imperial forces catch up to the Rebel on Ord Mantell where the pilot only just manages to get to his ship and escapes into orbit, but not before taking damage to his hyperdrive, making a jump impossible. At that moment the unfortunate Rebel is confronted by a spectre from his past, an old gambling debt gone unpaid has attracted the attention of a Bounty hunter, who has the good fortune to find his prey apparently unable to escape. In desperation the Rebel pilots sends a coded distress call which brings allies to his aid as the Imperial forces close in and the Bounty hunter tightens the noose…


More to come in the future!

Please let me know if you have any feedback!