Horton’s Gambit

The Adventures of Horton Salm

Horton’s Gambit

I play the X-Wing Minatures game as often as I can. A little while ago I bought the Y-Wing expansion ship, which comes with several pilot cards, one of them is a guy called Horton Salm.

Horton has quickly become my favourite pilot and his Y-wing is frequently seen weaving drunkenly around the battle firing his trusty Ion Cannon as often as possible.

He’s become the bane of my housemate’s games, and she frequently curses his name as her tie fighters stutter around the board under his Ion-Cannoning-Power. It’s fair to say that he’s developed his own personality, so much so that I’ve re-made his pilot card featuring a depiction of Horton as I see him in my head.


Here is Horton’s new card (same everything, but a new image on top, copyright FF games, lucasarts, nothing to do with me, etc.). To make this I took a screengrab of the famous Porkins (SWANH) and found a good picture of John Candy, did some quick & dirty photoshopping (Although I use Corel Photopaint, it doesn’t have the same ring to it). Some quick colour and tone matching to make the face look like it was part of the original photo, and then I just boxed off the top of the card and placed a cropped version of my new image on there.

An here’s the legend himself facing off against Vader’s Tie Advanced.


Feel free to include Horton in your own games. I know you want to!