Han Solo Blaster Prop Replica

I made this for a friends birthday. It was intended from the start as a display piece only. I found a cheap Airsoft Mauser pistol for this. When it arrived, it seemed very small…

Turns out that although it’s practically identical to the type of Mauser used to make the Han Solo DL44 Blaster, it’s actually only 3/4 the scale. I thought at first this might have been because it was an Airsoft replica but a little googling and I realised it was just a different version. Annoying, but not really vital since it looks very similar, and as a display piece a 3/4 model was almost as good as a full sized one.

3D print the conversion kit

I started gathering reference images to make a 3D model of the various add-on bits, but fortunately I remembered that someone else has almost certainly done this first. I had a look through Thingiverse and settled on this build. It was a great set and I printed it out at 75% scale to fit the smaller blaster. I didn’t print the handgrips since I was happy with the ones I had already.

After printing, since this was a display piece, I spent a LONG time sanding the printed parts down to as smooth as I could possible manage. It really paid off later.

The fun bit - Painting

This was a very simple paint job. First, undercoat all over (I took off the wood-effect handgrips and popped them back on for the photos). After the undercoat, spray with Chrome silver.

Black paint and weathering

Let that dry thoroughly, the next bit is a little hard on the silver layer, but if you’re careful it’ll work fine. I sprayed the whole thing with matt black paint. Then I carefully scratched off the black paint in selected areas. I did it with my fingernail because it’s the perfect combination of being a little bit flexible, not blunt and not sharp and easy to use. I’ve tried this previously with metal tools and it’s all too easy to go right through the silver paint layer too. I suspect there’s lots of other materials you could try this with, though since I have fingernails and I know that works, then I’ve never really experimented.

I used reference photos to see where the weathering areas are and replicated those general areas, I wasn’t too precious about getting it 100% exact to any particular reference image since I know that there has been several versions of the gun used in filming anyway.

After that, I did a light weathering pass with brown oil paints on the flash-hider and a very dark brown/black pass on the wood-effect handgrip, just to make sure it all looked evenly used. After that an all-over coat of matt clearcoat, and you’re done!