Halo Helmet Repaint

Halo Helmet Repaint

This repaint was pretty quick and fun to do. The helmet is a fiberglass handmade prop, I don’t know who did it but it’s nicely done. When it came to me it was OD green and black, perfectly serviceable paint job. The customer wanted it redone in grey and black and weathered to look like it’d done a few tours fighting aliens.

Halo Helmet Repaint A1A standard starting point for anything, I primed it all over. If I were going for a really amazing “new” finish I’d have sanded off all the existing paintwork since it had been brush painted on and that’s quite visible, but since I was going to be weathering it anyway the brush strokes would help to lend it a more abused look, so I left it as it was. After priming I sprayed the whole helmet with chrome rattlecan paint. Then a clearcoat to seal it. I then masked off the edges where I wanted deep wearing and discolouration before I mixed up a grey-blue colour and sprayed the whole helmet in an even coat, then with a slightly darker version and added that along certain areas, I did this a couple of times, just varying the hues a little bit. The intention is to make it a non-uniform colour to simulate the effects of weather and uneven cleaning and things on it, it just helps it look a little more nuanced and aged.

Then it was time to mask off the top and bottom bits and spray the recessed middle section matt black. once that was all dry I rubbed away the mask I’d put on over the chrome and started adding weathering.


I decided to start with a mix of black, red and yellow (to make a slightly browny black) acrylic rub-down/wash. Basically use the paint as it comes from the tube, paint it on, then spray it with water and rub it off. This makes quite a cool sort of smokey worn look, but it doesn’t really add much definition. Next up I switched to faithful oils (burnt umber is the king of weathering) and used that liberally, rubbing most of it off and generally leaving it mostly on creases and crevices like ingrained dirt. I added some black to strategic areas, then dragged some of both colours out to add some more dynamic smudges and scrapes. Finally I went over some raised edges with an extra layer of chrome since it’d dulled off the original bits. Then a matt clearcoat, and it’s done.


Halo Helmet Repaint A


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