Cyborg Head Mask 2

Cyborg Head Mask 2

This is a build from last year that I never got around to uploading.

After I modified the cyborg facemask into a full head mask for Frontier, they asked me to make a second mask that would be used for the opposing team in an upcoming game. This time I’d get to make it from scratch.

Cyborg Head 2 2015 full

I used mesh-fabric for the hood, to keep it breathable. Then over that I used EVA foam to make pretty much everything. Using a heat gun to shape it, hot melt glue to glue it to the fabric and impact adhesive and hot melt to glue the bits together. Because in the story this one was supposed to be a copy made from stolen blueprints, I had to keep it looking very similar, but I also changed a few bits just to make it easier to build. Because this is an airsoft mask, the face is built over a steel mesh, which allowed me to make loads of gaps in the construction. This not only kept in-line with the cyborg aesthetic, it also made it lighter and allowed for plenty of ventilation – always essential for these things!

I painted it with an over-all spray of chrome rattlecan paint, and then the guys at Frontier wanted it to be red (to make it easy to see which was which since the other is silver), so I used acrylic washes over the chrome to make it a fresh-blood-red.