Building Boba Fett (a costume on a budget)

Building Boba Fett (a costume on a budget)

Here’s a link to my FB page album with a fully annotated set of photos. The post here is a more compressed version.

BOBA FETT – The best (or worst) bounty hunter in a galaxy far, far away…

…is a way more complex costume to build that I thought!


“Can you build me a Boba Fett costume for comicon?”

I had a look at some pics of the Fett, and typed “Yep” into messenger. He told me his budget, and I thought about it for a minute. He’s my friend though and it would be a fun build, and it wasn’t that complex a costume… “I can do that”, I typed.

So, had I known how complex a build it would be, I’d probably have still done it, but maybe would have had more realistic expectations of exactly how long I’d spend on this costume over the next three months.

I’m not going to post much of the build process here since it’s on my FB page with some details, and The Dented Helmet has a million threads on building Fett in a range of ways. I made all of this from scratch by hand, except the helmet and blaster which he already had, I did repaint the helmet and did some extra weathering on the blaster.

I am indebted to the Dented Helmet and all the good folks there who have spent years collecting photos, posting blueprints and discussing every nuance of the costume. I used many photos as guides, read many posts on how people achieved their own costumes and learned a LOT about stuff I didn’t even know I didn’t know. In short, if you’re building a Fett, TDH is your first (and almost only) stop.

I do want to say though, that this is a budget build (approx. 1/6th the budget that TDH suggests for an accurate replica costume). It was made first and foremost to be a cosplay costume, not to be a replica costume. It’s as close as I could make it given the budget and timescale, but I took shortcuts and if you do a side-by-side with the actual Fett you’ll pick out differences. However, it was close enough that my customer was really happy (and so was I) and at the ‘con he couldn’t walk 5 steps without being asked to be in a photo – SUCCESS!


This is the first time he wore the costume. After this I made some adjustments and continued the painting.


fettsecondtest2 fettsecondtest1

Made some more minor adjustments and did some final bits of finishing off, before…

Suited up on the morning of MCM Birmingham 2016


Thanks for reading.