“Bone Pistol” Flintlock conversion (Airsoft)

“Bone Pistol” Flintlock conversion (Airsoft)

For Frontier Airsoft’s 2016 yearly Apocalypse Event (set in the distant future) I wanted to do a costume for a character from a distant survivor group, the backstory was that they’d re-invented a lot of things, so instead of using old/scavenged weapons (i.e. modern weapons) I wanted to have something that looked like it could be made by simple technology being rediscovered. And yes, it’s taken me over a year to post this, I’ve got stuff from the 2017 game to post too, so I’m sure by the 2018 game I’ll have done posts for those!

This character came from a survivor settlement near the sea, and in the backstory they used a lot of giant mutant fish and sea monster parts. My friend kindly gave me this flintlock airsoft springer pistol, apparently although it looks cool it’s terrible for airsoft games (it’s very low power, hard to reload, only fires one shot, etc.)

I used “green stuff”, a very common two-part modelling putty that air dries in around 30-40 mins (ish) and simple tools to do this. A toothbrush and toothpick work great for getting the little “pores” and general bony texture. Painted it with enamel paints (the same stuff you’d use for model kits) to make it durable, weathered it with oil paints in the usual “rub off”method, then painted on a couple of coats of matt varnish on the non-metal parts.

I liked it, but it didn’t quite look finished to me. Fortunately a few months earlier I made a Han Solo replica pistol for a friends brithday present and I used a 3D printed parts kit on a mauser replica pistol, I’d accidentally printed the scope and rail section too large for that (the one I made him was 3/4 size). Finally, all these years of never throwing away anything “just in case” have started paying off! After a bit of modification I found a configuration I liked and painted it up.

I also drilled a hole in the handle and added a small loop. I then made some “Bone Charms” from polymer clay and beads and things for that apocalyptic look.