ALIENS Locator Watches and ‘Tube’

ALIENS Locator Watches and ‘Tube’

After updating the Ripley watches to resin cast versions and generally doing a lot of work to improve those, I realised that I could also do the same for my ALIENS Hicks/Ripley/Newt Locator watches and the locator tube thingy. So I did!

Aliens-loc-tube-2 Aliens-loc-ripley-2 Aliens-loc-hicks-2





  1. Harry 10 months ago

    Hi there
    This is amazing. I have always loved this piece and I have tried to find this everywhere – its my fiances birthday coming up and she asked for a watch, are you selling these?! if so how do I go about payment and when would it be able to arrive – I’m in the UK
    Thanks – and keep up the amazing work mate

    • Author
      tom 10 months ago

      Thanks kindly Harry 🙂 I’ve emailed you about this.

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