Alien Isolation Tracker Build

This is my build of a mostly 3D printed replica of the Motion Tracker featured in the game Alien: Isolation. As you may know from previous posts I really enjoyed this game and the visual style was awesome. I really wanted to have a go at making one of these, but I never quite got round to it. I made a 3D model of it, did a test print, but never took it further. Then many months later someone asked me to make one for a convention they were going to.

Sadly I didn’t take any photos of the build process, but if I ever make another one I will do a step-by-step of it. It’s not very complex though.

It’s mostly 3D printed, then sanded down and painted. The illumination is from a very simple LED battery circuit running from a simple 9V battery. The coiled cable, carabiner clip and toggle switch on the side I bought from Ebay along with the white and red LED’s I used.

The screen is reverse printed on acetate from a design I made myself based on the screenshots from the game. It’s illuminated by a simple diffusion trick, the mean “screen” area is filled with white LED’s, then crumpled up translucent plastic bags to diffuse the light from them.

When I made this I didn’t really have much experience with doing complex electronics, so the lighting circuit was all I could manage. If I did this again though I’d definitely consider wiring in a soundboard to get the power up sounds and the bleeping from the game on there, there’s plenty of room for the necessary circuitry and speakers.